Flowplayer Native / Changelog


  1. 16d7086fix elapsed time on the first throttle run (#1170)

    * fix(util): fix elapsed on first throttle run * fix(util): avoid negative delays in throlle Co-authored-by: Marius Rudac <marius@eloquentix.com>

  2. 786ae83prefer embed config always (#1166)
  3. f27d353use async safe stacktraces during internal ERROR event
  4. 716c5dbdisplay correct thumb from sprite (#1156)

    Co-authored-by: Marius Rudac <marius@eloquentix.com>

  5. fae3d0dreduse fps for progress bar update (#1155)

    Co-authored-by: Marius Rudac <marius@eloquentix.com>

  6. ddb34d0upgrade ads to 1.12.2
  7. a8fe351typo in additionalparameters gemius tracking

    gemius tracking bug -

  8. 491433echeck navigator online status for hls errors


  1. ebc7bebno ES6 support in IE11
  2. f570dc9add more chromecast configuration keys (#1151)

    * chore(demos): make chromecast demo more dynamic * feat(chromecast): expose chromecast.app config key * feat(chromecast): forward config.chromecast object to receiver app


  1. f7dcf04forward all ovp to ads macros

    closes #1146;

  2. 16ff73esingle click on-off for single choice (#1135)

    Handle single option with subtitles redraws in all three states of `0`, `1,` and `N > 1` Co-authored-by: Marius Rudac <marius@eloquentix.com>

  3. 8b356e0add trigger_cloud_tests task (#1143)

    * feat: add trigger_cloud_tests task * chore(ci): test - run cloud test suite on commits * chore(ci): run checkout on cloud-test-suite * chore(ci): try to force an npm package-lock sync * chore(ci): move cloud suite triggers to release deploys


  1. 324efaeensure fetch_for_media_id is exported (#1138)
  2. aabb09cadd optional device_id parameter


  1. a6305f4fix volume x button display (#1130)

    Co-authored-by: Marius Rudac <marius@eloquentix.com>

  2. 07b4d0fupgrade to 1.12.0
  3. 5869681upgrade to 1.11.0
  4. b33921cextended gemius tracking

    Gemius tracking is extended with extra params programDuration and typology

  5. 9aac83aupgrade to 1.10.7
  6. 4e35b58cache bust polling url
  7. c916027add QUL support
  8. 510d454introduce QUL_ERROR
  9. d9ed699update type signature for drm license forwarding (#1109)

    * chore(core): add setSrc test case for dash drm * chore: add drm key type signature * chore: better setSrc test with drm object * chore(core): forward drm information * chore(core): add more drm setSrc tests

  10. 2aa6cf5handle missing text track in stream manifest (#1105)

    * chore: bump dash -> 3.1.0 * feat(dash): handle missing text tracks in stream manifests

  11. 078e273fix QUL error handling


  1. dd8e9d3fix maybe<tracks> error (#1101)

    closes #1090;


  1. 8334a2diOS load() short-circuit was too greedy
  2. ae61a87ensure load() is called (#1087)

    fixes flowplayer/ads#361

  3. 03b8c42standard volume bar in rtl mode
  4. 2b4a187add support for dir attr on player container
  5. 0c2ca04more precise error when http content in https context
  6. 3156344use comp registry for livecountdown
  7. 33f5a30add component registry
  8. 547f39cuse togglePlay(true) (#1069)


  1. 5f29326fix iOS source preference

    closes #1062

  2. 953beafset ratio from manifest (#1049)

    closes #1048


  1. 31e9a78fix native HLS detection
  2. 947936freactive poster attribute
  3. 1958edfdo not toggle STARTING on countdown

    closes #1028

  4. 1bba8b9force iOS to use synchronous currentSrc updates
  5. 0e49707transform string array source