Flowplayer Native / Changelog


  1. e4cb21eadded svg icons
  2. 2b18ddchandle several media errors during a long session (#903)

    Use epoc-based error recovery algorthim versus a counter-based.

  3. 65a6541handle share.iframe is Boolean case from ovp; (#907)
  4. e35200denlarge floating buttons
  5. e300d2cadd flag to hide standard controls from floating player
  6. 55f551cscaling button
  7. a1d4d70add portrait default
  8. 83d7b50initial implementation
  9. e7e70d1warning if floating player in iframe
  10. 693d47cfine-tuning
  11. c634157keep header
  12. f0425eeadd bigger buttons for mute and close
  13. 46557dapause playback when floating player closed


  1. 7ff3dd0adjust offset by 1 so that setSrc works when livestream starts
  2. a25911cdo not trigger error if there are working sources (#893)

    Count number of errors sources and compare to number of attempted sources.

  3. c386d43playlist assert fails if controls:true (#888)

    * fix: playlist assert fails if controls:true * fix: add additional function for getting controls element for playlist


  1. 1f4508dhandle Maybe<flowplayer.instances> case (#897)


  1. 132eaffinter-frame-communication (#886)

    * feat(iframe): inter-frame-communication * fix: added return statement * fix: add warning if multiple player instances in iframe

  2. fcf29b9standard resolution labels
  3. 4c1a489keep the last word always
  4. c9337d4safety check to prevent infinite loop
  5. a791958recover from errornous fragment (#849)

    * fix: recover from errornous fragment * fix: intermediate fix for media error recover * fix: use parsed fragment data to start from available position * fix: remove unused recovering state * chore: revert live demo url

  6. 4eca08epropogate http error messages to the player (#882)

    closes #881


  1. f75036callow to use ads plugin UI flags in player config (#866)

    * fix: allow to use ads plugin UI flags in player config * fix: allow to use flowplayer.ads.ui for ads plugin flags * fix: use extend() * fix: remove empty lines * fix: expose everything from ads object * fix: set flowplayer.ads if not set * Revert "fix: set flowplayer.ads if not set" This reverts commit 225f5a8d49883745b92a716004b0c1814708542e.


  1. de0eb16allow mixed ovp and inline config for playlist (#864)

    * fix: allow mixed ovp and inline config for playlist * chore: playlist ovp mixed config

  2. bcf2bdafocus menu only when is-accessibility (#870)
  3. e7da21dcontent gets scrolled back to player while playing


  1. 0f8f8ccclose menu when no longer visible / control bar toggled off
  2. c38ea24truncate long title and description (#852)

    fixes #839

  3. e154942scrollbars are displayed by default for the title in IE11 (#859)
  4. 9da2a3frewind should work with setState (#861)
  5. 02334fcexception on IE11 (#857)
  6. 9681fb6close menu when no longer visible when control bar toggled off
  7. 81793d6monkey patch hls _clearTrack internals (#841)

    * chore(cuepoints): namespace our cuepoint track * chore(cuepoints): null guard on track.cues * fix(hls): monkey-patch hls _clearTracks() impl * chore(hls): remove console.debug


  1. 76d84cdcontrols not in live state in iOS when live stream
  2. 22d4badadd AUDIO_ONLY ui bitmask (#840)

    * feat: add AUDIO_ONLY ui bitmask

    * chore: add demo for #801 * chore: move flags to own file, add test

  3. a14f714controls not in live state in iOS when live stream
  4. 929ee0ecancel button does not stop auto advance on playlist (#843)
  5. 2373c87update_src function is not properly accounting for Source shapes (#844)
  6. 975769fadd some basic state rules
  7. 11b29f7exceptions after destroy() (#833)
  8. 3b383f7use PLAY/PAUSE instead of BEFORE_PLAY/BEFORE_PAUSE
  9. d028509viewport autopause/resume based on the previous state
  10. fc336e8view_enter toggles play even paused before


  1. d0d71ecrespect dvr: false; closes #760; (#824)
  2. 9ef5b8die fixes for http requests & focus
  3. e31145aexception InvalidStateError on ie11
  4. d6c205eads demo page to work with ie11
  5. 72271dbfix missing focus() on IE when element is an SVG
  6. 00fe2bdfix for Sec-Fetch-Mode on track + video (#821)

    * fix(thumbnails): fix for Sec-Fetch-Mode on track + video adds crossorigin to both video and track element

    closes #816 * chore(thumbnails): better demo options

  7. 1aea02btoggleFullscreen() on iOS (#810)
  8. 1e75283wrong play/pause button state on iOS when fail to autoplay (#817)
  9. a0d6b04allow to set mime type for playlist items (#818)
  10. f298fdddo not show wait when ovp livestream count down (#799)
  11. faa3b30disable text select on elements (#819)
  12. 23ae20fset crossorigin attr on Track element (#808)
  13. 9da560dexception if outstream player is destroyed manually (#807)
  14. 8e56b4atransform AudioTrack to object