Flowplayer Native / Changelog


  1. 971470d2send metadata to chromecast (#1282)

    * feat(chromecast): send token and metadata to chromecast * feat(chromecast): don't send token to chromecast * chore: bump @flowplayer/tracker -> v0.2.0; Co-authored-by: Benjamin Clos <benjamin.clos@gmail.com> Co-authored-by: Niklas Närhinen <niklas@narhinen.net>

  2. 999e5882opts might be undefined
  3. 4a894466expose events on umd
  4. 9db58fd4expose svg generation utility


  1. f7be8787fix volume mute x button (#1292)
  2. 9431f7c9upgrade to 1.14.3
  3. 46c79bcbadd timeout attr to SHOW_MESSAGE event;

    closes #1279;

  4. 546699b7add new wrapped mode

    This also enables ad support for float on scroll

  5. 496807edgive priority to first inline options;


  1. 4e3795a4adds experimental MediaSession plugin (#1263)

    Adds experimental support for the Media Session API as described in: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Media_Session_API

  2. f5e150e9seek to now only when is live-seeked (#1283)
  3. 8ef19865player health monitoring (#956)

    initial release for experiment player health plugin

  4. 7342eefeadd developer plan support


  1. a0a33265audio required ios (#1265)

    * fix(core): when audio required ensure player state is reset; * fix(core): reset audio state when AUDIO_REQUIRED;

  2. 76a0640awhen audio required ensure player state is reset; (#1250)
  3. 86fb4c4fblock seekto when seekable: false (#1258)
  4. 69cf0558disabled=true should be more strict (#1245)

    ensures that disabled option is respected always

  5. fa418588allow manual key system configuration

    On some cases HLS.js is unable to detect audio codecs properly and as a result automatic media key system retrieval fails too. We allow passing own implementation via DRM configuration.


  1. 48ac7aa6upgrade to 1.14.1
  2. ddb25098implements vendor callbacks for buydrm

    Also normalizes the DRM interface to expect specific callbacks for any vendor going forward.

  3. 71ae7001use native subtitles when in fullscreen on iOS;

    Due to the limitations of iOS fullscreen mode, only one element can exist in the fullscreen container, so we must toggle native subtitles on/off when entering/exiting fullscreen mode.

  4. 68b3f986RECOMMENDATIONS_RENDER event (#1228)

    1. adds RECOMMENDATIONS_RENDER event; 2. ensures endscreens will respect defaultPrevented where possible 3. reduces bundle size by 50%


  1. 0b001cccmake fetching content id more generic

    We can't assume the content ids have namespace like ezdrm content ids have.

    Fixes #1229


  1. 95e90d22listen to events on player instance (#1216)
  2. 8c3fab52add smarter behavior around showing initial tracks (#1214)
  3. af515d34duplicate end events and round low progressTime

    These changes are requested by zoznam fix/gemius-bugs


  1. 6430fbd5fix share menu toggle button (#1215)
  2. f5e7aa86fix dash live manifest not updating (#1213)

    * fix(dash): use dash.setAutoPlay() to ensure live manifest updates

  3. 23f64f7badd defaultPrevented support; (#1212)
  4. af8dba95push audioTrack selection into next event loop tick; (#1204)
  5. 0822135cfix timeline and volume when scaled (#1201)

    use getBoundingClientRect() instead of walking the parent tree offset.


  1. bd77fbcbchange wants based upon browser support;
  2. ae3af0ecalways return early when not supported;
  3. eec8ac23upgrade to 1.13.1
  4. 7a8b79d5remove is_default support from docs
  5. b34af280add show config
  6. 143ebebakeep only the first default
  7. b4be87e7add subtitles.show config
  8. fdffa11eupgrade to 1.13.0
  9. 137f4031don't close on mouse leave, close on clicks outside (#1168)

    Co-authored-by: Marius Rudac <marius@eloquentix.com>

  10. 8871d47fplay button should not drift after playback;


  1. 4cac1464handle hls MEDIA_DECODE_ERR (#1181)

    hls.js is now propogating MEDIA_DECODE_ERR='3' to the video element in Safari; attempt swapCodec autorecovery when this occurs;