Flowplayer Native / Changelog


  1. 5a2b285always prefer dash.js (#994)
  2. 7f145f2ensure Hls instance destroyed on REAP (#990)
  3. d69d8c8automatically recover on MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED

    Fixes #986

  4. 0effdb4implement WebShare api (#979)

    * feat(share): implement WebShare api

    closes #904

  5. 236b303respect config.speed = false (#978)
  6. ab998d6remove auto_orient support (#976)

    closes #970


  1. 6bac5a3add no internet connection message


  1. c3ee3bbchange macro mapping to underscore

    fixes #957

  2. 47715e5expose flowplayer:umd document-level event

    closes #872


  1. 3bbd472iOS uses loadeddata for video dimension props; (#948)
  2. 57694c8do not use Date.parse (#947)

    closes #946

  3. c67b593more finegrained multi-drm support (#942)

    handles the case where multiple drm providers maybe configured, but certain platforms do not support some subset of the configured drm providers.

  4. df64a3bactive menu should be a singleton state

    adds logic to toggle player-level siblings as closed when another menu is opened

    closes #927

  5. 511c631handle live stream drift on play resume (#930)
  6. dd6117emove dash and fairplay to drm plugin
  7. 5f34566move HLS drm into drm plugin
  8. e4d7105implement fairplay drm

    Fixes #921


  1. e4cb21eadded svg icons
  2. 2b18ddchandle several media errors during a long session (#903)

    Use epoc-based error recovery algorthim versus a counter-based.

  3. 65a6541handle share.iframe is Boolean case from ovp; (#907)
  4. e35200denlarge floating buttons
  5. e300d2cadd flag to hide standard controls from floating player
  6. 55f551cscaling button
  7. a1d4d70add portrait default
  8. 83d7b50initial implementation
  9. e7e70d1warning if floating player in iframe
  10. 693d47cfine-tuning
  11. c634157keep header
  12. f0425eeadd bigger buttons for mute and close
  13. 46557dapause playback when floating player closed


  1. 7ff3dd0adjust offset by 1 so that setSrc works when livestream starts
  2. a25911cdo not trigger error if there are working sources (#893)

    Count number of errors sources and compare to number of attempted sources.

  3. c386d43playlist assert fails if controls:true (#888)

    * fix: playlist assert fails if controls:true * fix: add additional function for getting controls element for playlist


  1. 1f4508dhandle Maybe<flowplayer.instances> case (#897)


  1. 132eaffinter-frame-communication (#886)

    * feat(iframe): inter-frame-communication * fix: added return statement * fix: add warning if multiple player instances in iframe

  2. fcf29b9standard resolution labels
  3. 4c1a489keep the last word always
  4. c9337d4safety check to prevent infinite loop
  5. a791958recover from errornous fragment (#849)

    * fix: recover from errornous fragment * fix: intermediate fix for media error recover * fix: use parsed fragment data to start from available position * fix: remove unused recovering state * chore: revert live demo url

  6. 4eca08epropogate http error messages to the player (#882)

    closes #881